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Welcome! It’s time to live your best life

There is a better way of living. It’s a life of balance and flow.

I work with caring professionals who have spent their career caring for others and have a lost a piece of themselves along the way.

As a result of working with me they create balance and meaning and get to live a life they love.


Do you want to live a life you love?

I can help you with that.

Feeling overwhelmed?
Take the Break the Cycle of Busy Challenge

Are you putting on a happy face?

You can feel genuine happiness where you glow from the inside out.

Are you feeling stuck?

You can reveal the stories that have been holding you back.

Do you dread going to work?

You can make a difference to others and still have time for you to do the things you love.

Are you an I’ll take-care-of-it-kinda girl?

You can break the cycle of doing, doing, doing.

Craving time for yourself is a powerful soul-signal that you are ready to find a better way of being.

If you’re willing to follow your heart and create a better, more productive, calmer, more joyful way of being, then Katrina Bourke Coaching can help you succeed again and again and again.

My client Clare took that leap. She discovered a better way of being that changed her life and benefitted her whole family. Read Clare’s story here…

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