“When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending.” Brene Brown

Hi! I’m Katrina and I’m thrilled that you’re here.
My story is rich in experience – as a coach,
teacher, leader, learner, sister, daughter, friend and general participant in the thrills and spills of life.

For more than a decade I had a successful career in leadership.
To my colleagues I seemed successful, confident, organised
and calm. However the truth was that I was pedalling like crazy
trying to keep up the appearance that I was on top of everything.

I was exhausted and caught up in a cycle of never-ending doing.

After decades of caring for others, I had lost touch with myself and my future dreams. I was simply surviving.  I was overwhelmed and I couldn’t believe it was happening to me! Who could I talk to? I was the leader for god’s sake! I didn’t want others to think I was weak or losing the plot!

Now though, it’s a different story. I have strength and confidence and feel a sense of purpose and achievement everyday.

That’s why I founded Katrina Bourke Coaching.  I help women who have spent their careers caring for others. Women who have lost a piece of themselves along the way as they have done all the things they thought a good professional should do.

I can help you write your new story!

More being, less doing

More time to reflect, less guilt about time for self

More mindful, less rushed

More self-compassion, less negative self talk

New York City

Working with my life coach Katrina has helped me to be more effective as a leader in my job. She has helped me to see myself and my leadership style and I now feel more confident to take risks.


I have read many texts, concepts and theories about self-development and awareness. However, all the books in the world wouldn’t come close to the knowledge I have gained through working with Katrina. At 31, I’ve never been so calm, regulated and content. I highly recommend Katrina

Colleen C. Blanchard

Attending life coaching sessions with Katrina has been the ultimate act of self care. This time last year I was feeling ‘stuck’; there was a nagging sense that I wasn’t living my best life and I knew I needed some help to set new goals and change old habits. My energy and enthusiasm has returned and I am so happy with the changes I’ve made and the lessons learned. Katrina really has helped unlock my potential and I’m so grateful for her help, but I’m also glad that I decided I was worth the time and effort.

I’m what author Elizabeth Gilbert
would describe as
a ‘hummingbird person’ –
I’m curious and I love to learn.

I have qualifications in teaching, leadership, wellbeing and most recently, coaching. Right now, I’m enrolled in a university course on Happiness!

Qualifications and education are important to a hummingbird person like me. But, a great coach needs so much more than framed certificates on their wall.

I’ve learned a lot from working on my own challenges around setting boundaries, believing in myself, overcoming perfectionism and learning to like myself. Not to mention, the practical knowledge I’ve gained about managing time and the feeling of being always busy.

Some of my greatest learning has come from the clients I work with. They inspire me with their courage and determination and each person I work with proves to me that we all have amazing potential within us – we just need some help to believe it and to let it shine!

Let’s talk about how coaching can help you