When you choose to work with me as your coach, we dive straight into getting you those life changing results!

By far the most powerful, life-changing piece is that you’ll learn to become your own coach!

You will discover the ways you hold yourself back and the stories you tell yourself that keep you stuck.

Five powerful reasons for you to have your own coach

You’ll be making time just for you!

You’ll have peace in your day and in your head!

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You’ll have time to do the things you really love

You will thrive!

You’ll believe in yourself

I am an expert coach with proven results, who genuinely cares about you and your success.
I’ll encourage and support you. I’ll laugh and maybe even cry with you. And, I’ll have your back the whole time.

Coaching can rock your world.


Katrina has a rare goodie bag. It would sometimes take me down a rabbit hole that I had no idea existed…and leave me wondering how I ould possibly have moved towards my goals without uncovering the contents of the goodie bag.


Katrina created a safe space for us to explore some challenging themes and for me to set goals to focus on. Since my coaching experience, I take a more consistent and considered approach to nurturing my physical and mental health.

Isabelle, Dunard

It was a pleasure to go to my sessions with Katrina. A smooth and secure place where important issues could arise….really met my goals.

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